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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Thursday 23rd May - Departed from Stanstead @ 4pm- had to have to some cocktails, itas tradition! Super excited to get away from London especially when the traffic was so manic getting to the airport plus this course had been booked since February so was so eager/ excited to finally be on my way.

The flight was perfect! I love to fly always- taking off to somewhere new is what I live for at. The moment of take off when the plane meets its highest speed and the wheels enter the air and fold away.. all that runs through me is excitement and adrenaline- a brand new adventure and the possibilities are completely and utterly endless, for the people I will meet and the places I will see.

Always a bonus when I have an incredible human sit next to me.. i've met some truly inspirational people on planes- I have some of the best stories on planes (for another time perhaps) truly heartwarming stories. Rachel from Adelaide, Australia was no exception to these wonderful human. We spoke about our lives and everything in between with plans to meet up in London on Rachels return I definitely found myself another friend- thanks for gracing my path lovely lady.

Smooth flight: TOUCHDOWN: Murcia International, you know that smell: the smell of beautiful hot air as soon as you step off the plane.. it hits you straight in the face. I'm addicted to that feeling, its been a long time. So I stood in the landing bay for a good few minutes just taking it all in.. the skyline, the heat and the gorgeous mountains.

Taxi to my hotel- 20 mins- drop the bags in the room and off I hopped to explore this brand new place. Little side streets and bars over flowing with Spanish.. not a tourist in sight or so it seemed.. Honestly so blown away buy the beauty of this place, the architecture, the people , the food, THE SANGRIA! authentically, beautifully Spanish.

Day one:

Rosa from @ukwigschool was so kind to let me host me workshop in her space. Rosa is the president of wig making in Spain and is a wig master of everything opposite I do: lace wigs, hair loss, hair pieces plus everything more. She has travelled the world sourcing the finest quality hair. The experience she posseses is magical. UK wig school is known for its incredible courses - for more information visit :

Student two- Montse - a hair stylist/ dresser/ educator from Gran Caneria originally Geneva. Montse has followed my Instagram for a very long time with hopes to attend my course from the beginning so to fly out and hold the course for her was a great pleasure. Greeted with a big smile I was so excited to meet Montse and we bonded instantly.

Montse and Rosa learnt the foundation cap and basic sticking/ glueing and push up techniques completing a middle parting wig after much practise and me over shadowing them and finishing with a more sculpted piece: Mohekan. With yellows/ pinks and purples flying around in fluffy kanekalon - it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with textures.

Rosa translated for Montse in times of language barriers which was incredible to watch. Spanish is a beautiful language and I was so blessed to be in the presence of these two lovely ladies and they were learning my trade and so happy with the outcome.

That evening was spent eating tapas and drinking sangria.. photos do everything justice/ JUST UTTERLY PERFECT!

Day Two: Double hairline pony tail require a lot of concentration as technically the most difficult. The day was spent getting to grips with this difficult wig but to everyone's delight the outcome was fabulous! Montse was especially chuffed as she has been a huge fan of this wig after avidly following my Instagram. GUAPA!

We finished the weekend with gorgeous tapas and tinto de Verano and it was the most beautiful ending. I am very pleased to say I have added two beautifully talented friends to the list of my friends around the world.

I loved every single second on this course and just cannot wait for what the next one holds!



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