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On Friday evening I flew over to Brooklyn NYC- for just the weekend and here is how it went. A very personal experience for all involved and one that I won't forget in a long time.

London Heathrow - JFK NYC

A perfect flight after a hectic battle to Heathrow airport in rush hour. Settled in my seat, adrenaline fuelled and estatic to be on my way to New York- a trip I have wanted to fulfil for a very long time.

Arrival in NYC

So far so good, no luggage to pick up; brilliant.. taxi to my AIR BNB seems simple. WRONG!

As I pulled up to my air bnb after a friendly drive 1.30 am I realised I had made a huge error in terms of the neighbourhood- not the greatest in Brooklyn but hey were here, I've got the flat with the space incorporated what can go wrong? The answer to your question is everything in under 5 mins. I collect the keys from the lock box and make my way up through the not so pretty stair case to my apartment. Flustered and not with it I try to open the door.. no luck! second , third, fourth attempt- still no luck. Panick stricken I check my phone (no wifi connection as my phone doesn't work around the world and not in the USA!) Im stranded.

I walk outside into the dark (in my opinion very scary streets of Brooklyn, where not many people who I stopped to ask were very friendly) trying frantically to find a wifi connection- no luck. Next I try to hunt for a yellow taxi - this task took me 2 hours to find a taxi willing to take me into Manhattan to find a hotel. Long story short but I could not find a hotel and slowly my panic turned into me barely functioning. I was so tired/ exhausted and emotionally low that my brain wasn't functioning.. after 4 very LONG hours of circling Manhattan and surrounding areas for a hotel that would allow me to stay for a few hours (just to use wifi connection) I stumbled across a lady who worked for a very plush hotel which I cannot remember for the life of me what it was called but she stopped me - caught my energy and was willing to help. She found me a hotel by ringing around and I was in .. finally.

A fortune of course considering the circumstance.. but none the less I finally had wifi. In the comfort of a hotel room I burst into tears.. emotions of that whole morning came streaming down my cheeks and I was ecstatic with panic. My non functioning mind went into despair- I can't get into my air BNB; what about my clients? what was I doing? how to I focus my mind? I can't even see past the light on my phone.

Every Cloud has a silver lining:

My silver lining was my best friend back home: Kyla.. my brain for the night and the human I only need to calm me down- my guardian angel and so say im lucky to have her is the understatement of the century. She sorted everything for me- all things my brain wouldn't allow me to do she basically simplified it- to even checking to see if I had phone battery and telling me to put it on charge. But we were sorted- The keys were put in the lock box by the host (the actual keys, not the wrong ones I had been given previously) all I had to do Uber back to the air BNB back in Brooklyn and let myself in.

8 am and the course is due to start at 11am.

I was exhausted, mentally, physically and emotionally- Kyla had told me to message my clients and delay the course until 1pm and have it run through to the evening.

Niokie @knotittogether on instagram had replied instantly with ease and was so chilled, this being completely fine I could get just a few hours rest.

Kelly however @sillymoodesigns on instagram had not responded.. and if there was one thing I wanted. Is I wanted this weekend to turn itself around and become a success.. if I believe it - it would happen right ? ever the optimist.


Few hours sleep and I was as good as knew (calmed myself down and my brain was functioning, just about )- Kelly had finally messaged and she was en route, as was Niokie! Perfect- now all I needed was amazing humans to grace my path.

NIOKIE LAWS - @knotittogether - instagram -

Niokie has been my biggest fan from day one when I started the course and my career and I have always loved her support and love she has shared with me from day one online. The positivity this lady radiates online is incredible so she needed to be on my course if I was anywhere in the States. Niokie made this happen, she cancelled plans just to be here and wow what a lady!

I couldn't wait to meet her.. she appeared on my doorstep and threw my arms out to give her the biggest hug.. regardless of who this lady was I was going to love her.. and honestly Niokie you have the heart and soul of an angel.. this was just the beginning of our friendship and I knew that as soon as we met. Niokie had experienced a poor trip to London learning with a soft wig maker so little did I know she was riddled with anxiety before the course.. well Niokie that emotion was wasted because I would love you from the start. If you get a chance to check out this super star of a human - please do, she is beautiful, passionate and just utterly incredible! We had the most amazing weekend and I am so grateful for our paths to have crossed, you made this happen and I honestly can't thank you from the bottom of my heart.

KELLY @sillmoodesigns - instagram.

Kelly and I first connected on a vintage mannequin group on facebook which had 1.3k members, I was advertising my course in NYC and kelly reached out her interest in the course. We spoke for a long time getting to know each other personally (online) and I was blown away by Kellys story- Kellys introduction reduced me to tears and goosebumps and I honestly was so excited to meet her after all we had discussed.

Kelly turned up to the Brooklyn location dressed as her normal self (with multi coloured rainbow hair) and matching outfit with pink leather knee high boots) well that was it.. I shouted at her as she was off loading her materials " YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT I NEED TODAY, GET IN HERE NOW!" and so our love story began haha!

Kelly had a nightmare morning and was stressed as were all 3 of us! But as we met something beautiful began to happen.. our energies and aura's connected and no word of a lie we created magic.


The course was full of passion - I have never hosted my course with 2 people who have enjoyed it as much as them.. so eager, so energetic, so fascinated, so blown away by the technique. They were so grateful for me, so complimentary and I was just so happy to be in this room, despite surroundings with more incredible two humans I have met in a very long time.

We are currently planning the next meet up for an intense course and Kelly has become a personal project to propel forward with a whole business in hard cap wig making.

Please look out for more photos on my instagram and check out the highlights and facebook page for all images. It was PERFECT!

If there is one thing I love more than anything, its people.. Get in touch to book a course with me- and lets start a journey just like the above.. its moments like these that are what we need.

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