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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Heading to Philadelphia International airport with pure excitement.. walking through Brixton (my new home town) on the way to London Heathrow and the sky was magical: pink and orange; just beautiful.. grateful heart for the fact im flying over to this state.

Heathrow airport:

This is where the magic journey began for me.

Sat in the departure lounge.. the pilot walks in looking absolutely incredible, in his lovely pilot outfit.. I couldn’t help myself, with the biggest grin on my face I greeted him with “you look amazing!!” and with that the best response EVER, “why thank you, that is the best smile I have seen in a while, what a way to make my day”- he glanced at my boarding ticket (the corner of it) and looked at me and says “one moment young lady”- he walks off.. heads to the back of the departure room lounge and talks to the lady checking tickets. He comes back takes my ticket and walks back- after 2 minutes rejoins me with the same ticket but the seat scribbled out with a new seat. WHAT?!! “Have a lovely flight young lady” he walked off onto the plan.

Sat there waiting to board.. BUSINESS CLASS.. are you kidding me?! AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Overwhlemed, over excited, MAGIC- how did this happen???? How did this happen!!!!!

The flight was absolutely incredible- bit much, bit over whelming ? But none the less incredible!

Touch down Philly:

The cab to my plush hotel for the night (I decided to pick a nice one just because all of the stress I had in NYC) I wanted luxury on arrival.. I mean how was I supposed to know I would end up in business class. I grabbed a Lyft (the American equivalent of cheaper UBER in the the states) and I was greeted with a strong original philly accent: Micheal- he was keen to know my story and so we chatted and it was fabulous- so much so we ended up grabbing coffee. We spoke about life and work and everything- it was lovely. Micheal’s daughter works in costume in NYC- so as far as networking went I hit the jackpot. He gave me all her details and was certain we would connect and create more work for myself.. I received some lovely texts from Micheal after he dropped me back to the hotel- free of charge might I add. What a lovely man who took to me and just wanted to help, we will stay in touch thats for sure. Philly is beautiful.. truly truly beautiful; its how I imagine New Orleans to be and it won’t be the last time thats for sure.

Hotel check in was lovely.. Destiny the girl at the counter had taken to me well (ha she kept repeating in her amazing accent you're so funny Lauren) she bombarded me with freebies. Brownies to free drinks/ cocktails to free appetisers in the restaurant. She even wrote a list for me if all the things she reccomended to do. Headed up to my room.. which was over the top huge with not one but two dreamy double beds- one for my bag obviously. Dumped my bags and headed straight for Philly (I was staying in cherry hill- New Jersey as thats where I was teaching) so again took to my Lyft app and shot over to the rocky steps. .. picked up some juice (produce in philly is just as good as LA) and mooched around, getting lost.. it was perfect!! The hidden streets with little houses were just unbelievable.. the roads were covered in greenery and honestly I couldn't get enough photos- picturesque, calm, American and so utterly charming. The sun was shining like you could only dream and I spent hours getting lots, taking photos and absolutely loving my life.

The Course itself:

Kelly took my course in NYC after networking online, and had requested I fly over to her and stay with her in New Jersey. Of course I would there was no question about it- I spotted something in Kelly that I don't see in most, motivation! I lack motivation sometimes that is definitely one of my flaws but Kelly can go and go and go and that was one thing I couldn't get over the last 5 days in New Jersey, its a real talent and very special possess along with all her other traits... We spent the time (12 hours a day, very intense, long days ) covering everything there was possibly to cover from techniques to style to business - from drag to mannequins to theatrical! It was fabulous. Kelly is passionate and is incredibly gifted with determination and talent. She will succeed and start a business in this area and make a lot of money in that. Im certain and I cannot wait to see the outcome. It honestly is so so exciting to see what she can produce in 5 days. The photos do the wigs justice in every single way possible- take a look for yourself!

Kellys house:

Kellys house is full of weird and wonderful things as you can see in the photos.. creepy dolls and trolls, a life sized elephant statue (pink) retro wallpaper and everything sparkly and colourful and just crazy.. that was an experience in itself especially rummaging through her dress up wardrobe! Too much fun.

Kelly is loving and free, open and colourful! The experience is one I won’t forget and one that doesn’t happen to your average person- I am so grateful I got to fly half way around the world to do this.. Philadelphia- checked off the bucket list.. whats next ?!

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