Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Display wigs, Drag wigs and theatrical wigs, hard cap wigs- a generation of wig that seem to have been skipped in terms of teaching.

A niche market within the wig world and one that not many people know about, until now. I plan to share this skill all around the world.

Instead of a soft cap wig (your classic lace frontal and weft), we have the alternative of a hard cap wig. A wig built on a bespoke - perfect fitted hard cap.When we say hard cap we mean a solid cap with a solid fit. The foundation of the base, there are many materials (which will be taught on the course itself). This hard cap wig is sculpted with hair and glue..the wig is built up with polystyrene, wire or just your standard tissue paper. You can create simple wigs to the most extravagant of wigs with a huge amount of height and depth.

A wig sturdy and long lasting due to its strength and materials used to build.

We as hard cap wig makers create bespoke fitted wigs to a specific brief. I will teach you how to read a brief efficiently and what to ask for from your client it is not stated.

The bonus of hard cap wig making:

1. One wig takes a lot less time to sculpt than your average hours spent on knotting a soft cap wig. It should infect take you one hour for a simpler design and up to a few hours for your larger, more extravagant design.

2. There will be a lot less time in fixing these wigs in comparison to say an onstage theatrical wig, a lot less wear and tear due to the glue and sturdy build.

3. Each display wig prices at £100 onwards dependent on style. Drag and theatrical wigs can be priced from £300+. We make a lot of profit on one wig as the materials are inexpensive and not as much time is spent on the process of making compared to as I say knotting a full wig.

4. Creativity sees no bounds. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can create with this type of wig making. A skill like this would be so advantageous in terms of creating bespoke pieces.

5. Theatrical hard cap wigs are on the rise. More and more theatres are looking for people with this skill so they can recreate wigs already made in a different techniques because it is well known to be more sturdy.

6. Visual Merchanding industry only have a number of wig makers based in London, many have died out and therefore can be in high demand dependent on the season. Why not get into this niche market and develop the skill within the industry, earn more profit and for less time. Its a no brainer.

7.Suitable for everyday use, hard cap wigs can also be made for people with hair loss. The wigs are created with glue, however, if handled and maintained with care ( as explained on my course) they will stay in great condition. This, on top of being able to design a bespoke fitted cap to the head, is what makes hard cap wigs suited for daily, long- term wear.



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