London- Bristol

Big Wigs headed to Bristol over the bank holiday weekend to train salon owner, colourist and stylist Kadi Carter of Betties and Baldwins, small street. We spent 2 intense days training Kadi to produce high end Mannequin wigs. Hard cap, bespoke fitted wigs with the technique of sticking and glueing.

Kadi's experience proved to be an added bonus as she took to it very well within the space of two days. Glueing and sticking is a technique that stylists normally find very difficult as they aren't familiar with the technique in itself, but Kadi picked it up almost instantly.

With Bristol city not using many wigs in retail Kadi will have upper hand pitching to local boutiques and stores. We loved being in Bristol, seeing the sites, the architecture and the excitement of a new city i have never visited before.

Thanks for having me Kadi!

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