Los Angeles

A weekend in Los Angeles! and what a weekend it was.. absolutely incredible. LA had been on the list for some time now, but after much planning never happened until the weekend of feb 23rd/24th when I flew over the sunshine, blue sky and palm tree paradise. From the moment I stepped off the plane we had such incredible weather. Constantly pinching myself that I made this happen with even more plans to fly back in august. LA made such an impression on me from like I said its skies to its friendly people. I had booked a space just within Venice Beach and it was fabulous. Such a gorgeous space. Kieth and David were fantastic, two gentlemen who were in the mannequin and visual merchandising industry. From techniques to hairline to handling hair and everything in between the course was magical.

Couldn't of asked for more lovely people than these two.. and lets face it, we was always going to get on like a house of fire!

I have many friends in America so stayed with friends all weekend.. Ilived the Californian lifestyle like a queen and all I can say is.. I can't wait to back!

Thank you LA and thank you to David and Kieth for making my dreams come true and booking the course. Its safe to say I am completely shell shocked that I have entwined my passions of people, travel and wig making in to one thing. I adored this experience with my whole heart! A grateful heart is a huge understatement.

For more updates on the LA trip check out my instagram highlights for all photos from courses to social.

See you soon.


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