The story so far!

Hi I’m Lauren and here’s how my story goes.. A few years ago a mannequin wig company crossed my path.. one where I spent a very long time training with some of the most incredibly talented humans- one being my predecessor Tyrone: long story short he was the love of my life for all those years he trained me despite being gay ha! The sunshine beamed off him even in his bad moods and I was lucky enough to receive special treatment in training from the most talented human I’ve ever seen work, truly. Ty years later went into retirement and left the place he kept alive. For me as soon as he left my happy bubble popped, he kept my happiness afloat and my days in the factory weren’t as good as they used to be plus he had left with all he’s skill so I plummeted and that’s when my little entrepreneurial brain started pumping away. From a young age I’d always loved travel and I’d always wanted to connect work and travel together and live my life as an adventure.. I’d ask my workplace for some opportunity and after a long period of time they declined probably with good reason (I wasn’t the most serious of people back in that job) but after deliberation handed in my resignation- only to be sacked 3 days later for having a day off 😂 That’s when the world became my oyster. I laid off the travel plans for the first year as a new freelancer. I went and experienced the hard cap wig world as it was open to me (which isn’t a great place at that, though being very few wig makers in this industry) I took on unrealistic deadlines so many times to make my money and f*cked up so many times, enough times to learn my lesson. I became lonely working Alone and depression hit me hard! I didn’t realise what I had done to myself until I found myself sad. That smiley happy go lucky girl had disappeared and I didn’t know what i had done to myself. I had to change this drastically I couldn’t bare what dark cloud had overcome me.

My first opportunity came with Cape Town, a company had invested in me to train them for a hard cap wig making course, there was no time to think and yes shot out my mouth without even think or breathing.. INSANE! How had I managed this?! Grabbing every opportunity thrown at me was how I am so I grabbed it with both hands and loved every second, minute, hour of my time spent in such a beautiful country.

The course idea had blown up in my head.. let’s go with this and see how we do .. London has been fantastic for welcoming the courses. This course exists no where so my upper hand is being the only course of its kind.

There has been a lot of interest from the theatre world as hard cap wig making is making its way back into the sets and being an easier way to mould and create these wigs is something that will only be used and seen more and more. The National theatre London being the biggest interest will only grow and spread to all the others or so I hope. There are many way to recreate the hard cap and many materials I have sourced on the way that make this wig making technique so fab- the creative element attached to the skill is beyond anything you can imagine. The hard cap holds so much strength which is ideal for drag queens, theatrical on stage wigs and of course mannequin wigs. The comfort built into the hard cap has its bonus’ and not so much damage can be applied due to its strength in the way it is built. It blows my mind that this technique isn’t as well known and that’s where I come in – I’m hoping to pass on this skill to as many creatives as a I possibly can.

With good plans come set backs from drop outs to failed attempts and some mess ups on my side ( but I learn from mistakes and am always keen to fix my wrongs and happy to accept defeat if so be it) but with more plans than ever before spreading my wings through LA, NYC and Vancouver BC 2019 is a year for getting myself out there. I have a huge tour for Europe also whether they all come through is a different story but a girl can dream. Continue to follow my story, I’d be honoured. With a new rebrand and better planning let’s aim for the moon. I hope to be back here with more stories and blog posts of travel.. for now check out my brand new Instagram pages (my new logo is coming soon and my brand new website is under construction)

See you soon,

L x

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