Top 30 hairstyle icons of all time!

  1. FARRAH FAWCETT - Our 1970s Charlie’s angel. FLICK!

  2. TWIGGY- nobody stylised crop like Twiggy. Discussion over.

  3. JENNIFER ANISTON - The Rachel. The undisputed most requested hairstyles of the 1990s. JEN IS LIFE GOALS.

  4. PALOMA FAITH - flaming red vintage.. umm YAS QUEEN.

  5. DAVID BOWIE ‘ZIGGY’- The space age mullet, like a Phoenix out of the fire!

  6. JESSICA CHASTAIN - sporting the most divine Hollywood waves, red carpet hair at the oscars 2013.. if that style isn’t HOT enough. THAT COLOUR IS EVERYTHING.

  7. CHER- Centre parting long, straight hair that never ever left. IF CHER DOESNT SAY ICONIC, NOBODY DOES.

  8. BOB MARLEY- mans first cultivated hairstyle. Dreads. YAH MAN.

  9. CINDY CRAWFORD- does hair come anymore luxurious and glam than Crawford?

  10. BETTY GRABLE - ‘victory rolls’ apparently inspired by the loop the loop on fighter planes in WW11. 1940s vintage, pin up, eat your heart out!

  11. PETE BURNS- Pete epitomised 1980s androgyny, no surprise his hair was always amazing as he married his hairdresser until 2006. This photo is giving me life.

  12. ELIZABETH TAYLOR ‘CLEOPATRA’- hello 60s braided cleo.. just Taylor helping shape our view of the real queen of ancient Egypt. QUUEEEEEEN.

  13. BRIDGETTE BARDOT - The choucroute. The coiffed coiffe. The Bride. UGH LOVE.

  14. CARMEN DELL’OREFICE - in her 85th year carmen proves that going natural isn’t inevitably ageing. Let’s hope most of us end up looking this GORGEOUS.

  15. IRIS APFEL - silver hair don’t care. At 95 Iris is everyone’s older inspo that’s for sure.

  16. MARY QUANT- The swinging 60s brought us the five point cut. OH HI...

  17. JOSEPHINE BAKER- Eton crop, 1920s iconic first, international, black pin-up. SLAYYY JO!

  18. PRINCESS DIANA- we have no words for our English rose.

  19. PRINCESS DIANA - we love her that much, she features twice.. know anyone who looks this beautiful with this cut?

  20. ANNIE LENNOX - 1979 androgyny, blondes finest hour. SHE SLAYED.


  22. JOANNA LUMLEY- The Purdey or in our terms the bowl cut. YOU BE LOOKING PURDEY GOOD JO.

  23. MARILYN MONROE- 1950s hollywood ..the ultimate blonde bombshell. GOALS.

  24. AUDREY HEPBURN- beehive/ chignon, hair up glamour queen of the 60s. DOUBLE GOALS.

  25. BABARA STREISAND- updo beauty channeling 18th century realness. YES.

  26. BOY GEORGE- he challenged our perception of masculine And feminine hairstyles and BOY did we love it.

  27. ROBERT PLANT - does long curly hair on a fella get any better?

  28. LADY GAGA- yes yes and YES!

  29. GWEN STEFANI- blonde bombshell curls every single day!

  30. DAVID BECKHAM- one word BEAUTIFUL ‘pompadour’

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