Why Hard Cap Wigs are Perfect for Cosplay

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Oh, the wonderful world of cosplay!

Whether you enjoy cosplay yourself or have attended a convention with cosplayers before, you're most likely familiar with the pastime’s incredible costumes.

Pokémon cosplay at Comikaze Expo 2015 (Credit: Wikimedia Commons).

The otherworldly outfits are usually based on a popular anime, video game or comic book character and will oftentimes include a wig to complete the look.

The more lifelike the costume the better in cosplay. Because it’s not just about elaborate ensembles; it’s about portraying your character as realistic as you can.

That’s why costumes are such a big part of cosplay. After all, the word cosplay itself is short for “costume” and “play.”

And what’s a costume without a wig? It’s like Tom without Jerry, Kermit without Miss Piggy – one can’t exist without the other.


The best cosplay wigs make your character that much more believable. They make people stop and think, did Dumbledore just walk in front of me? Is Princess Leia talking to Luke Skywalker over there?

While these characters are given away by their famous hairstyles, many fictional personas are made more lifelike with the help of wigs.

Besides looking as similar in style as possible, cosplay wigs should also:

  • Give wearers the flexibility to choose a simple or extravagant design

  • Be sturdy and easy to maintain

  • Have a formfitting cap

  • Be heat resistant

The last feature on the list, being heat resistant, makes the wig more manageable and gives it a longer shelf life.

Now let’s see how these traits stack up to hard cap wigs.


Whereas soft cap wigs – the more widely known type of wigs – are made of a soft mesh cap, hard cap wigs have a solid, sculpted centre.

That means hard cap wigs are not only sturdy, but they also fit more closely with the wearer’s head than a soft cap wig.

Making a hard cap wig during a Big Wigs Workshop.

You’re probably beginning to see the connections between cosplay wigs and hard cap wigs – but wait, there's more!

Having a strong foundation in place (materials such as Buckram are introduced on the course), hard cap wigs can be built up with polystyrene, wire or your standard tissue paper. For cosplayers, that translates into an endless number of designs, from simple Wednesday Addams braids to spiky Son Goku hair.

Plus, the wigs’ durable core is great for long-term wear. So you can transform into Khaleesi as often as you want and not have to worry about mastering your hairstyle every time.

These traits, along with the fact that the wigs in our workshop are heat resistant, make hard cap wigs the perfect match for cosplay.


The awesome thing about cosplay is becoming your favourite superhero, video game character or Marvel star for a day.

What’s cooler is knowing how to take your costume to the next level – with, you guessed it, a bespoke hard cap wig.

So if you’re gearing up for Comic-Con or have your eyes set on the next big anime convention, consider pairing that cape with a phenomenal, custom-made wig.

Interested in making your own? The Big Wigs Workshop is a traveling course that teaches you how to create hard cap wigs from scratch. Email lead instructor Lauren at lauren@bigwigsworkshop.co.uk for details or see which city we’re headed to next!

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