York College Collaboration!

From the beginning I always said I wanted to get Big Wigs into certified education after the short sessions I held at the University of the arts, London (UAL) early last year. I had a taster of what it would be like passing on my knowledge to the next generation, from start to finish I loved every second and so the journey continues ..

Sharon Barrington- the course leader of the media arts course at York College contacted me a few months ago, with hopes to have me train her in hard cap wig making. Of course I agreed. We spent two fabulous days at the college building foundations, laying hair, manoeuvring hair and creating double hair line pony tail wigs. All of which you expect from the 2 day intense course I have hosted throughout the years.

I was more excited than usual about heading up to York; unaware of its History, magical cobbled streets and its utterly gorgeous architecture, purely because this trip marks a milestone and a new beggining for Big Wigs in the fact that my course will be taught in mass. All I ever wanted to do was share this skill and get it known across platforms. Whether that be drag, theatrical, cosplay and for the continuation through visual merchandising. Give someone a basic skill and watch their creativity unfold with it ... Theres a starting point that has been needing adaptation for a very long time and that is where my excitement lies. The day a student contacts me and has created a masterpiece out of my basic knowledge.. CREATIVE MAGIC!

The course was a resounding success, Sharon took the skill by storm with tons of passion and excitement for development and that is all I can ask for. With plans to head back to the college in January to teach 15+ enrolled media arts students over the course of two days, you can only imagine my excitement!

Huge thanks to York College and Sharon for believing in the journey of hard cap wig making, its just the start of something incredible.. I'll see you very soon!



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